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Terra Dotta Revolutionizes International Student Safety with Next-Generation AlertTraveler Mobile App

December 8, 2021


Higher education duty of care needs have never been greater for incoming international and outgoing study abroad students as well as faculty and staff. To meet this critical need, Terra Dotta, a leader in global education engagement solutions, today unveiled the next generation of its award-winning AlertTraveler® mobile solution. Adding enhanced mapping, personalized travel alert and safety resource enhancements, Terra Dotta introduced the latest version of AlertTraveler as part of its comprehensive global engagement platform.
“Designed to help institutions meet the unique duty of care needs for students, faculty and staff traveling domestically or anywhere across the globe, our latest AlertTraveler enhancements provide an interactive and intuitive global engagement experience,” said Anthony Rotoli, CEO of Terra Dotta. “The AlertTraveler app instills a high sense of confidence among travelers and administrators as they rely on it as a trusted guide to access robust, integrated and localized safety resources at their fingertips.”

Key enhancements of the next-generation AlertTraveler include:

Additional Mapping Capabilities:

  • In-map views show individual traveler locations along with travel alerts and city/neighborhood safety ratings in the local vicinity and/or areas for planned travel
  • Prominent country intelligence and travel alerts include details and any restrictions

Updated Administrative Functions:

  • Easy access to travel documents, support/messaging and travel alert subscriptions
  • Quick, intuitive incident reporting and safety sentiment sharing functionality

New Safety Features:

  • Enhanced safety and security notifications sent to administrators and travelers
  • Seamless check-in button prompts to confirm traveler safety
  • SOS button with tailored emergency options initiate immediate safety requests at the traveler’s institution and locally

AlertTraveler is a part of Terra Dotta’s global engagement platform, which delivers a unified global education experience by connecting all aspects of international programming and campus services by facilitating cross-cultural learning experiences for students, faculty and staff – whether located domestically or traveling abroad. The platform integrates Terra Dotta’s cloud-based, modular solution offerings encompassing outgoing study abroad, incoming international student and scholar services, and travel risk management.