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How Terra Dotta Engage Helps Automate Pre-advising Communications

September 21, 2022


As a member of the global higher ed community, you have so much to accomplish on a day-to-day basis that everything can feel like a daunting task. Whether you serve the needs of outgoing or incoming students at your institution, or your role spans across all of global education, there’s one simple truth: you have to find the time and resources to effectively support the needs of global students.

However, what if you had the capability to automate many of your pre-advising and communications processes that are manual and time consuming today? What would it look like to truly personalize the experience you offer students who attend your institution internationally as well as those who are interested in traveling abroad?    

Institutions are already experiencing how Engage, Terra Dotta’s newest addition to the Global Engagement Platform, is helping them to automate their pre-advising steps that previously took up so much of their time and resources. Let’s take a look at a few ways institutions are more effectively supporting all global student needs with Terra Dotta Engage.

One of the more time-consuming aspects of global education is the early-stage pre-advising communication that happens with students as they start their global education journey. Getting stuck in the endless communication loop is certainly a time-sucker for most global ed offices; however, providing needed and important communication is a crucial part of the student experience.

With Engage, offices are able to quickly create campaigns and provide students a personalized communication journey. Best of all, these communication journeys can be completely automated, allowing your office to focus more on in-person advising and building relationships with students, not sending emails.

When we think about communications to students, most institutions probably think of plain-text emails. Though they have their place, students’ lives seem to move much too fast for a simple text email. What’s needed to catch their attention are robust communications with engaging pictures, links to your programs or upcoming events, and more.

With Engage, your office can create visually appealing messages that quickly capture your students’ attention and provide better engagement with your office. As your office creates campaigns, you’ll get simple drag-and-drop functionality to add images or videos on the fly, easily highlight your current programs, or shine a light on any events or fairs you’re hosting in near future. If you create similar communications throughout the year, easily save them now and copy them later to use again in the future.

Speaking of events, Engage provides global education offices with the tools to create events that quickly grab the attention of current or future travelers at your institution. Engage’s events builder allows your office to add important details such as location and time, but also includes the ability for students to RSVP to events and take attendance. As you create events and publish them to students, they’ll have all the information they need to learn more about what your office has to offer this year. 

By simply creating events and adding them to the integrated calendar as well as including them in your communications, your office is not only providing students with better, more engaging content, you’re also saving time by automating many of the communications processes that you spend so much time on today.

Interested in learning more about how Terra Dotta Engage can personalize and automate your pre-advising process and provide you with a better overall communications strategy to better connect with students? Click here to learn more.