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Global Engagement Success: Peralta Community College Meets International Student Needs in the Face of Uncertainty

November 8, 2021


As institutions take steps to modernize international education operations across their campuses, they are implementing strategies that unify common elements across global experience programs and leverage relevant cross-campus student data. These approaches help institutions effectively offer transformative and globally-minded educational experiences, expand equitable global opportunities to all students and resiliently approach ongoing responses to evolving COVID dynamics. All while ensuring traveler safety through mitigated risk with country, neighborhood-level safety rating, travel data and alerts.

When the pandemic hit, Northern California-based Peralta Community College was already in a resilient position, having previously deployed Terra Dotta’s global education-enabling technologies to support and help scale the growth of its robust international student population. Serving more than 30,000 students each year across its four campuses, Peralta uses Terra Dotta to create and update SEVIS records in batches, ensuring accurate information and easy reporting. Their international student engagement process is streamlined, enabling staff to quickly connect with students to ensure they are aware of deadlines and moving quickly through the process.

In its pandemic-drivenshift to virtual learning, Peralta’s international education office was able to quickly transition to remote work and with Terra Dotta already in place, the institution’s international education team immediately downloaded data from SEVIS to see if its international students had departed the U.S. And using the personalized template and query in Terra Dotta, Peralta was able to communicate regular updates to students.

Since then, the institution has delivered classes virtually to international students in their home countries as well as welcomed students back on campus as restrictions allow. With a comprehensive global education approach, Peralta effectively meets international student needs with a personalized, automated approach—no matter their location.