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AlertTraveler City and Neighborhood Scorecards

June 25, 2021


Expanding its duty of care offerings through enhanced safety and security measures for domestic and international travelers, Terra Dotta announced its new AlertTraveler® City and Neighborhood Scorecards -- powered by GeoSure® hyper-local, personalized and inclusive safety scores and notifications.

"As institutions begin to reopen travel for students and faculty both in the US and abroad, it is imperative to proactively restore trust in travel experiences by addressing safety and security needs on a more personalized and localized level,” said Anthony Rotoli, CEO of Terra Dotta. “As safety is determined in part based on who you are and where you are, we’ve introduced AlertTraveler City and Neighborhood Scorecards in partnership with GeoSure to help our customers elevate their duty of care -- empowering travelers to assess their individual travel risk and take appropriate safety measures based on city-wide situational and safety data.”

Embedded in Terra Dotta’s award-winning AlertTraveler app and accessible by both administrators and travelers, the new City and optional Neighborhood Scorecards help maintain travelers’ safety by providing an interactive Local Safety Map of current travelers. As city and neighborhood safety can vary greatly based on factors like time of day and personal characteristics, the map is populated with city-wide and neighborhood-wide situational scores across the following seven categories as well as an aggregate city or neighborhood score to keep travelers informed and aware of their surroundings:

  • Nighttime Safety
  • Physical Safety
  • Women’s Safety
  • Theft
  • Basic Freedoms
  • Health & Medical
  • LGBTQ+ Safety

Travelers with GPS enabled on their device will begin to receive push-notifications when they arrive in a new city, including the city’s safety score. They also have the option to contribute to ongoing Scorecard data by reporting on how safe they feel in a given city or neighborhood.

“We are excited to collaborate with Terra Dotta as their global education engagement solutions are an ideal complement to our robust hyper-local safety insights for personalized risk mitigation,” said Michael Becker, CEO, GeoSure. “Particularly given today’s evolving environment both in the U.S. and overseas, institutions must be prepared to deliver a new duty of care experience including access to comprehensive solutions that proactively cover all aspects of the traveler safety experience.”

GeoSure’s safety scores are derived from country, city and neighborhood crime statistics, health, economic, and political data feeds and other data sources. These scores help organizations meet diversity, equity and inclusion needs by enhancing duty of care capabilities to support underrepresented and underserved travelers in real time. This comprehensive approach helps ensure a proactive approach for addressing each traveler’s possible personal vulnerabilities depending on their location at any point.