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Personalizing the Student Experience with Terra Dotta Engage

September 30, 2022


Effectively reaching students about what your global education office has to offer them at your institution has always been a challenge. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Students are constantly gathering new information on a seemingly second-by-second basis. It comes at them so frequently, and from so many different directions, that the communications you’ve sent them in the past get a quick glance at best, and at worst live indefinitely in the trash folder of their email account.

However, what if there was a better way to quickly grab their attention, show them how your office can enrich their experience as a future global student, and ultimately guide along their journey through the decision process?

Through Terra Dotta Engage, institutions just like yours are able to better communicate and personalize the student experience so content and communications stand out from the rest of the noise. Below are a few ways they are doing that now with Engage.

First of all, we can all agree that the days of sending a simple text email and expecting students to take action on it are behind us. That’s why with Engage, global education offices are provided with the tools to create robust communications that immediately attract the attention of any would-be global student.

Not only can offices quickly customize communications and schedule them ahead of time, they have total control over the layout and content. This means you can brand it specifically for your global office or institution, add pictures or videos to help draw students’ attention, and even tie in programs or upcoming events you want to highlight.

Global offices can also control what students get communications based on criteria such as major, year, and more, determine when they’re sent, and automatically follow up with students who’ve received communications previously. Not only does this help personalize their experience as they get your communications, this also saves you time during your pre-advising process. To learn more about how Engage helps with pre-advising, check out our latest blog here.

Next, making sure students are aware of your programs and other key initiatives are such an important part of your office. That’s why you can highlight certain programs when you’re creating your communications to help put students down the right path of selecting a program that’s the best fit for them.

Engage’s all-new guided discovery is designed to match students’ interests, needs, and other demographics such as major, desired location, and more, and Engage does the rest. With a sleek interface and easy-to-see programs information, Engage will even sort programs based on top recommendations for the student, programs with upcoming deadlines, and the most popular programs that their peers are applying for now.

Finally, hosting fairs, workshops, or other events from your global ed office is one of the best ways to meet students where they are in their global journey. Through Engage’s events management and calendar, you’re able to link important or upcoming events or fairs to the communications sent to students. From the event, students can view the details of the event, register, and even link it to their social media accounts.

Interested in learning more about how Terra Dotta Engage can help your office better personalize the student experience and guide students along their journey to global citizenship? Click here to learn more.