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Using Social Media to Advertise Study Abroad

March 3, 2021


When students go abroad, many will tout their experience online, but social media also offers the opportunity to engage with students who have yet to embark on their journey. As a method of ongoing communication, online posts offer a way to share information and offer a visual of the experience prospective students can have.

Here's some creative content ideas

Debunk the Barriers

[Situation] Some prospective students may think study abroad is not for them. They may not know of opportunities that pertain to their major or program, lack the language skills, believe it could delay graduation, or are worried about the cost.

[Idea] Create a series of posts that address common misconceptions when it comes to study abroad and offer appointment availability, so they know when and how to connect with an advisor and learn more.

Promote the Benefits

[Situation] There are many benefits to studying abroad, whether that’s expanding one’s cultural literacy, learning a language, or embarking on an experiential learning opportunity, but not everyone knows the benefits.

[Idea] Create some posts that share the benefits of study abroad, it could resonate with prospective students.

Share Success Stories

[Situation] Prospective students will want an idea of what their experience could be like, so give them an idea.

[Idea] Reach out to your study abroad alumni and ask them to talk about their experience: What did they learn? What did they like most? Do they recommend studying abroad? More than likely, the answer will be yes. Make sure to share a variety of stories from a variety of places and programs, so prospective students can see a number of options.

Day in the Life

[Situation] Even with success stories, prospective students may be curious about what a day in the life is like.

[Idea] Utilize students currently on study abroad programs. Ask them to do a Social Media takeover where they highlight what a typical day is for them. When students normally post during study abroad, it’s photos of popular sites or places, but the day-to-day life in study abroad can have just as much charm, if not more.

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