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Student Voice in Study Abroad 2022

February 23, 2022


After two years of study abroad programs that were drastically reduced or paused all together, many of our clients report pent-up demand.

Is it real, or is it wishful thinking?  Thankfully, we can see evidence of renewed interest and demand happening in near-real time. At Terra Dotta, we see traffic levels from over 700 customers rising dramatically on our Study Abroad application servers, proving that interest in study abroad is indeed coming back.

What about the students? How are they reacting and adapting to the possibility of a return to more normal study abroad opportunities?

To get a sense of the students’ perspectives regarding study abroad, we commissioned a survey of over 100 students from across the United States. 

We wanted to know their current thoughts on study abroad. Are they planning to go? When? Where? What concerns do they have? What do they want the decision-makers in their institutions and in society to know?

Terra Dotta is pleased to release the first edition of our Study Abroad Survey: The Voice of the Student.