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Terra Dotta Reacts Quickly to STEM Changes in Latest ISSS Release

February 3, 2022


In a world of constant uncertainty, institutions of higher education need a partner more than ever who will provide the right tools, guidance, and support to help bring some much needed balance and stability back into their international education offices. Unfortunately, colleges and universities who haven’t found that key partner yet are feeling the pain of working in older, outdated solutions that don’t help them expand their reach to new students across the globe.

However, Terra Dotta, the leader in global education for higher ed, continues to be the chosen partner for more than 700 colleges and universities by providing tools to institutions of all sizes and helps them connect with more students than ever before.

As part of the latest 22.0 release in Terra Dotta International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), Terra Dotta continues to defy the odds by providing top solutions and service to international education offices through continued enhancement of the Terra Dotta ISSS solution. 

Very recently, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced they decided to allow 20 additional majors within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs - also known as STEM - for an additional 24 month work authorization in the US.

In an effort to consistently provide the most value for higher ed institutions, Terra Dotta learned of this SEVP update and acted quickly, adding the additional 20 majors in Terra Dotta ISSS as part of the 22.0 release in January 2022. This allows higher ed institutions using Terra Dotta ISSS to have the most up-to-date access to all STEM programs and provide students with needed work authorizations.

This is just one example how Terra Dotta continues providing the best global education experience possible for both universities and students. Click here to find out more how Terra Dotta can help your institution reach its goals for global ed in 2022.