Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education


How Terra Dotta's Newest Solution Helps Streamline Institutional Communications and Enhance the Student Journey

June 29, 2022


In the fast-paced world of global education, it can be difficult to grab the attention of students when their lives seem to operate at the speed of light. And it’s no surprise; as hectic of schedules as they have, yours probably looks quite similar.

So it begs the question: as institutions continue to put greater focus on global education, how will leaders enhance the student journey for both incoming and outgoing students? How will you or your global education offices find the time to streamline and personalize communications for students that have such diverse backgrounds, needs, and goals?


Terra Dotta, the leader in global engagement solutions for higher education, is actively building solutions to answer problems faced by institutions just like yours every day. Terra Dotta’s newest addition to the Global Engagement Platform, Engage, is the communications hub of your institution and directly integrates with current incoming and outgoing Terra Dotta solutions. Terra Dotta Engage is designed to strengthen the connection between the student and institution, allowing you to better communicate, reach, and ultimately enroll more students in programs, register for events on campus, and more.


Terra Dotta Engage was built to enrich the student experience through personalized communications via email and text messages. By providing campaign management tools that help target specific students based on age, year, interests, and more, institutions can connect with students earlier in their global education journey. Additionally, institutions with study abroad programs can match prospective students with programs based on student interests, their ideal locations, majors, and more. 


Terra Dotta Engage not only allows for targeted, robust communications, but also automates many of the communications processes institutions have today. For example, build clean, beautiful messages fast with Terra Dotta Engage’s drag-and-drop message builder and schedule them ahead of time. For quick access, launch preconfigured message templates, only editing when needed, or build new ones from scratch. Institutions can also build dynamic message sequences with multiple touchpoints, such as automatically adding students to a new contact list when they open a message or click on a link.


Terra Dotta Engage is more than just a communications solution for institutions. It also serves as the hub for student events and also includes a student-facing calendar. For example, create one-time events or recurring events, share them to the calendar, and even build event brochures to coincide with events. And for events that don’t need to be promoted to all students, institutions can hide them from the public calendar and communicate them separately. 


Terra Dotta Engage also provides your global offices and institutional leaders with insightful reports and metrics to make sense of your student engagement. As new campaigns are executed in Terra Dotta Engage, it gathers real-time data on campaign performance, such as the percentage of messages opened and links clicked so you’ll be better informed about what content student is engaging to students and where you need to improve. Institutions can even observe student engagement on a customized level - from daily to yearly, and anywhere in between.   

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