For Education Abroad Offices
Expand global opportunities for your students with streamlined recruitment, reporting, and risk management capabilities with Terra Dotta.
Simplify the student and advisor experience
Expand program offerings and focus on enrollment, recruitment, and retention
Organize travel and
protect travelers
Provide administrator access to program and applicant info with a robust permission system

Terra Dotta has changed how we operate in our office and communicate with students. My staff are also more fulfilled in their conversations with students, because they move beyond deadlines and application materials. Instead, they are discussing how students want to incorporate studying abroad into long term plans. Lastly, as faculty and advisors learn to utilize the Terra Dotta site, it has empowered them in helping students select study abroad programs that best benefit their student's learning.

Thandi Dinani, Ph.D.
Belmont University

Our Study Abroad Office was in dire need of a comprehensive database solution. After evaluating our options, including developing our own system, we eagerly signed on to implement Terra Dotta software. Our faculty-led program directors can directly access important information about all of their program participants, easily create reports, contact students, monitor their applicants' progress, and recommend acceptance or denial of any application.

Dan Hart
Arizona State University

We've been using Terra Dotta at Dartmouth for many years. Terra Dotta has surpassed our initial expectations and keeps getting better. We continually identify new ways to use the software to better serve our students and faculty. With a small staff and a high level of student interest in study abroad, Terra Dotta is an essential tool for our office.

John Tansey
Dartmouth College

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