Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education

Simplify traveler safety and security
with real-time intelligence insights.
Access country intelligence
  • Provide your travelers with up-to-date country and city intelligence to prepare them for travel
  • Quick-dial emergency service numbers for the traveler’s actual location
  • Cache country intelligence and emergency contact information on traveler phones for offline access
  • Create risk assessment briefs for travel destinations using Department of State and CDC risk ratings
Utilize check-in button
  • Allow administrator to send check-in requests and verify traveler safety
  • Create command center for locating, communicating with, and accounting for your travelers
Receive real-time alerts
  • Proactively alert travelers when an emergency may affect them
  • Direct access to Terra Dotta traveler itinerary information and GPS data to determine which travelers are affected
  • Utilize multiple communication avenues—push notifications, email, and SMS text messaging
  • Send institution-specific alerts
  • Deliver proximity alerts to expand region of impact, even if travelers are not directly in the radius of risk
Help-request button for travelers
  • Allow travelers to request help in the event of an incident or injury
  • Notify designated administrator; includes chat feature to talk with the traveler requesting help
AlertTraveler’s newest functionality includes neighborhood and city scorecards powered by GeoSure, a safety travel app and Terra Dotta partner. Now, while exploring new locations around the world, students can use the app to drill down to critical information such as:
  • Theft rate
  • Nighttime safety
  • Physical safety
  • Women’s safety
  • Basic freedoms
  • Health and medical facility access
  • LGBTQ+ safety

Having this accurate set of data, as well as a robust and easy-to-use way to access it, was such an immense resource during a time when world affairs changed on a nearly hourly basis.

Alec Jokubaitis
Case Western Reserve University

Only through this system has our emergency response been possible! We quickly used tools to locate students, create final checkouts, and then to get quick data updates for the entire team, especially our president.

Holly Carter
University of Evansville
[2020 - referencing COVID-19]

When serious events happen around the world, it is good to know Terra Dotta is there as part of our team enabling a faster and more diligent institutional response.

Jeff J. Simpson
Oklahoma State University

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