Best in Practical Learning

Who better to learn from than those using Terra Dotta solutions day in, day out? More than 30 sessions are planned, many led by the expert Development, Support, and Sales staff at Terra Dotta. Additional sessions will be led by your colleagues from other institutions, all Terra Dotta clients who have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of our software. Speaking of clients from other institutions, did you know that many Terra Dotta staff members have previously worked in university international education offices?

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Targeted Sessions

We all may work in international education, but we see the world through different lens. Outgoing? Incoming? All travelers? You want sessions that pertain to your area of responsibility, and TDU Global is here to oblige. We’ll help you identify and attend the sessions that are relevant to your work so that you can improve the services of your particular office.

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Sometimes it’s just easier to show someone a problem that has been nagging you, rather than writing out the situation. Guru sessions to the rescue! Each registered attendee is eligible for one 20-minute session with a Terra Dotta professional to answer your burning questions. That’s almost worth the price of admission by itself!

Fresh ideas; new approaches.
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Whether we’re talking in present or future tense, you want to know about your software investment. What’s new? What’s ahead? How can these advancements benefit my office and institution? Be “in the know” and better yet, be among the first to help shape the future with your feedback.

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The intangible benefit of attending most conferences. Sure you can talk with other attendees about your Terra Dotta uses and connections, but you also might meet the person who is your next mentor or office colleague. We’ll make sure you have plenty of opportunity to mingle, and perhaps join a new regional user group or sing a bit of karaoke?

Reconnect; make new connections.
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I've been a superuser on my campus for seven years and sometimes it feels like I know everything there is to know about the software. But, each time I attend TDU Global, I learn something new.

Danette Bontrager
Iowa State University

It was a wonderful opportunity for someone like me, from an office that recently launched Terra Dotta, to get a better understanding of the software.

Elena Axton
Eastern Washington University

TDU Global is the best way to stay connected with the latest features of the software and to connect with other users.

Jason Kinnear
UNC Chapel Hill

The sessions were good and pertinent to my experiences with TDS. The weather was beautiful. I enjoyed being able to take breaks and eat meals outside. All Terra Dotta staff are amazing to work with.

Katie Perryman-Gebhardt
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

I initially didn't want to attend but I gained so much that I'm really grateful I did.

Patti Jo (PJ) Allen
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

It was my first time at TDU Global, and I want to come back every year! I've been using the system for the past 4 years, and I still learned a lot by attending! I really loved meeting several of the Terra Dotta staff and International Educators from all over the country.

Victor Camargo-Fouche
University of North Georgia