Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education

International Student & Scholar Services
Create a welcoming community for
international students and scholars.
Monitor and maintain compliance
  • Create and update SEVIS records in batch and RTI
  • Ensure that your advisee data is accurate both before and after SEVIS batching and in reports
  • Leverage powerful workflow management tools to track and review advisee requests
  • Enter internal notes for quick communication with colleagues
Centralize business processes and streamline your workload
  • Go paperless—searching through a database is much easier than searching through paper files
  • Update records in groups instead of individually
  • Integrate with your Student Information System to ensure up-to-date information and reduce data entry
  • Create advanced, shareable reports utilizing data analytics
  • Integrate directly with DocuSign to streamline the process of Form I-20 signatures
Manage international scholar records and petitions
  • Create automated processes for your international scholars (J-1, H-1B, O-1, more)
  • Manage your cases online—intake and assignment features let everyone track case status throughout the entire process
Enhance the student and scholar experience
  • Communicate with your advisees through Terra Dotta email—all tracked and retained in their records
  • Monitor immigration status with easy visibility by advisees
  • Enable advisees to upload scanned copies of their documents for easy access by administrators
  • Provide online orientation before departure and after arrival
  • Monitor and track your international students and scholars throughout the visa lifecycle
Strengthen international student recruitment and retention
  • Access student portal anytime and anywhere
  • Allow students to upload their own information and documents
  • Connect new students to campus with online pre-arrival information
  • Create additional programs to meet your needs, such as matching students with hosts, friends, and more
  • Transfer your workshop and orientation content to a system that records electronic signatures and assesses understanding
A virtual door to your international student and scholar office.
Terra Dotta’s all-new Site Builder provides international education offices with an easy and efficient way to build, preview, and publish public site pages that deliver the modern look and feel your staff and international students and scholars expect.
Additionally, the Site Builder offers:
  • Existing templates to help streamline website creation and design
  • Upload your photos or choose from 1000’s from the all-new image library
  • Simple drag and drop widgets to control your site’s overall look and feel
  • Import tools for current Terra Dotta sites to save you time
  • Customizable your site’s text, font, and page layout

Students that have been on campus before Terra Dotta and after Terra Dotta say that handling processes like OPT, CPT, RCL are much easier. To quote one of our students, 'I don't have to trek across campus to multiple offices. Now I can do it all online on my own time, it's so easy.'

Karen Marshall
Appalachian State University

Terra Dotta for ISSS frees up our staff for true collaboration — which is the heart of our mission.

Douglas Upton
Colleges of the Fenway

Before Terra Dotta, we had a complex tracking system of spreadsheets and databases to monitor student enrollment and visa status maintenance. With Terra Dotta, all of our SEVIS data and student information is centralized. For example, we can now run a query in under a minute to see any student that is under-enrolled and immediately contact them before they fall out of status.

Mary Mincer
Citrus College

See for yourself.
Streamline your international education processes with Terra Dotta: