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Everything you need in one
ISSS software solution.

Picking the right solution has never been so easy. Terra Dotta software offers a robust tool set that supports and maintains your office processes, your way.




Monitor and maintain compliance

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  • Create and update SEVIS records in batch and RTI
  • Leverage powerful workflow management tools to track and review advisee requests
  • Enter internal notes for quick communication with colleagues
  • Ensure that your advisee data is accurate both before and after SEVIS batching and in reports
  • Administrators and advisees can easily manage and update dependent information
  • Receive instant confirmations with time and date stamps when advisees complete requirements
  • Flexible reporting—get the reports you need when you
    need them


Enhance the international student
and scholar experience

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  • Utilize a checkmark system to make it easy for incoming students and scholars to understand their requirements
  • Communicate with your advisees through Terra Dotta email & SMS—all tracked and retained in their records
  • Send automatic email notifications to students and scholars for receipt of documents and more
  • Monitor immigration status with easy visibility by advisees
  • Enable advisees to upload scanned copies of their documents for easy access by advisees and administrators
  • Provide online orientation before departure and after arrival

Save time and streamline
your workload

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  • Go paperless. Searching through a database is much easier than searching through paper files
  • Update records in groups instead of individually
  • Integrate with your Student Information System to ensure up-to-date information and reduced data entry
  • Send automatic email reminders to users who have incomplete requirements
  • Allow students and scholars to schedule appointments online
    with advisors on campus or abroad
  • Communicate with students and scholars through SMS
    text messaging
  • Create advanced, shareable reports and queries

Manage international scholar
records and petitions

Implement Risk Management
  • Create automated processes for your international scholars (J-1, H-1B, O-1, more)
  • Manage your cases online—intake and assignment features let everyone track case status throughout the entire process
  • Form Fill allows you to easily populate required data into frequently-used USCIS forms

Easily maintain, update, and
edit your entire website

Customize your website
  • Post announcements that automatically disappear 
    once expired
  • Create itemized budgets to share with potential students
    and scholars

Strengthen international student recruitment and retention

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  • Student portal facilitates access anywhere, anytime
  • Students upload their own information
    and documents 
  • Online, pre-arrival information connects new students to campus housing, health insurance, orientation information, and more
  • Create additional programs to meet your needs, such as matching student with hosts, friends, and more 
  • Quickly transfer your workshop and orientation content to
    a system that records electronic signatures and assesses understanding


  1. We have x number of students – is batch right for us?
  2. Large or small, schools with any size international student and scholar population can benefit from the efficiencies of SEVIS batch software. Terra Dotta software can detect and report changes from your international student and scholar records and report them directly to SEVIS. The end result is reduced record review time, significantly less data entry and automated workflows to free up your time for your other important responsibilities.
  1. How will Terra Dotta software enhance our student and scholar support?
  2. Terra Dotta software supports and enhances the international student and scholar experience on your campus. Give your advisees a portal from which they can communicate with you, initiate requests and applications, and view the information that you make available to them. Simplify requirements though online checklists, streamline communication through automatic email and SMS text alerts, provide integrated online orientation and workshops to deliver key information on U.S. academic culture, immigration requirements, and more.
  1. Do I need Terra Dotta software to make SEVIS updates for me?
  2. Terra Dotta software integrates with your on-campus databases to track changes and updates that impact immigration records. Updates can be batched to SEVIS using our SEVIS Module or reported directly to SEVIS RTI using our Embedded RTI enhancement. Of course, you can always access SEVIS RTI whenever you wish.
  1. How do I get data out of the software?
  2. Terra Dotta software allows you to report on any data collected in the software regarding your international students and scholars. This includes data on enrollment, retention, SEVIS, immigration requests and applications, academic programs, orientation, and more. The data fields that you build in the software gather data for querying and reporting. For example, you can develop reports to locate records for international undergraduate students who have applied for Optional Practical Training. Once you gather the desired data in your reports, you can export it to Excel or securely share it with colleagues across campus.
  1. Is the information customizable?
  2. While many campuses are similar, no two are the same. Our software is flexible and can conform to your processes, cycles, and workflow. You can utilize different program types, modify default system vocabulary, and build user profile data fields and questionnaires to gather the data you need. Once your site is built, administrators can process and save important information using the powerful search and reporting tools in the software. Your office can build the system to follow your workflow.
  1. Will the software keep pace with SEVIS changes and updates?
  2. Terra Dotta is an active partner with SEVP and is committed to responding expediently to SEVIS updates, regulatory changes, and best practices in the field. We are working closely with SEVP and a working group of over a dozen campuses to ensure that our product meets and exceeds the needs of the ISSS office.
  1. Will I be alerted when student and scholar records change?
  2. Terra Dotta software will notify advisors when SEVIS-specific information changes on student or scholar records, such as major, minor, or addresses, creating an automatic SEVIS update record. Users will also be able to review in Terra Dotta software a record of changes pushed from their student information system.
  1. How can my advisees submit online requests and applications?
  2. Terra Dotta software allows your international students and scholars to complete integrated, online requests and applications for advisor review. Let your students and scholars upload their digital documents and attach them to their online records. Use checklists to simplify requirements. Keep your student and scholars on task with automatic email and SMS text reminders to students and scholars who need to complete specific tasks.
  1. Can Terra Dotta software help my office manage orientations and workshops?
  2. Yes. Terra Dotta software enables you to provide key information through integrated online orientation modules before and after arrival. Use assessment modules to test understanding of U.S. academic culture, immigration requirements, and more.
  1. What kind of support and training does Terra Dotta offer for the software?
  2. Terra Dotta provides online support and written and video documentation for end users. We hold TDU Global, an annual user conference, in a different location each year, along with an ISSS Summit geared specifically to our ISSS users. New user workshops are also provided in-person twice a year, typically in conjunction with other conferences.

Students that have been on campus before Terra Dotta and after Terra Dotta say that handling processes like OPT, CPT, RCL are much easier. To quote one of our students, 'I don't have to trek across campus to multiple offices. Now I can do it all online on my own time, it's so easy.'

Karen Marshall
Appalachian State University

Terra Dotta for ISSS frees up our staff for true collaboration — which is the heart of our mission.

Douglas Upton
Colleges of the Fenway

Before Terra Dotta, we had a complex tracking system of spreadsheets and databases to monitor student enrollment and visa status maintenance. With Terra Dotta, all of our SEVIS data and student information is centralized. For example, we can now run a query in under a minute to see any student that is under-enrolled and immediately contact them before they fall out of status.

Mary Mincer
Citrus College

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