Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education


TERRA DOTTA is a trusted partner in the healthcare sector, providing solutions that help drive immediate and tangible benefits for institutions aiming to streamline visa management, while improving the applicant experience.

Working with Terra Dotta, esteemed organizations like the Cleveland Clinic enjoy substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies:

  • Eliminate High Law Firm Fees
  • Reduce Application Processing Times
  • Improve Applicant Experience
  • Ensure Full Legal Compliance

A Fully Integrated Software Solution.

Partnering with Terra Dotta enables your graduate programs and affiliated hospitals to elevate and enhance support for international students, trainees, and faculty. By reducing administrative burdens, you can focus on what’s critical—excellence in medical education and patient care.

Streamlined Workflows
Streamline visa management from end to end.
Centralized Tracking
Automate tracking and oversight for hundreds of global appointments.
Compliance Monitoring
Maintain seamless compliance with complex immigration regulations.
Communications Hub
Strengthen the connection between professionals and your institution.
Let’s talk.
Proven Global Engagement Technology.
As the leader in global engagement technology for higher education, Terra Dotta understands the unique challenges medical schools and teaching hospitals face in supporting their international students, residents, fellows, scholars, and visiting professors.
Backed by more than 20 years of expertise in supporting international students and professionals, Terra Dotta solutions offer:
  • Automated, Centralized Business Processes
  • Robust Integrations
  • Enhanced Applicant Experiences
  • Proven Field Expertise
  • Perpetual Solutions Development & Refinement