Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education

Your study abroad office is unique. You need solutions that help you meet your institution’s vision for study abroad but also fit the budget of offices with small study abroad programs. Welcome to the Terra Dotta Study Abroad Starter package.
Study Abroad Starter is a new software offering from Terra Dotta that gives institutions the tools they need to make Study Abroad accessible to more students. This new tier of Terra Dotta’s platform is designed with small Study Abroad Offices in mind, packaging a suite of solution features and services into one offering as an affordable way to make Study Abroad experiences available to a wider student population.
With Study Abroad Starter, your office can own the study abroad experience at every level by:
Automating workflows and streamlining your most important tasks so advisors can spend more time focused on the student experience
Providing robust program application forms that entice students to take part in the study abroad experience
Eliminating your paper-based processes and bringing everything into Study Abroad Starter’s all-in-one solution
Following your institution’s guidelines for branding with personalized homepages or brochures that display your institution’s unique programs
Plus, you’ll get up and running quickly with included implementation services, and so much more.


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