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Proactively Plan for Changes Once International Travel Resumes


With a proactive outlook for the future of international education, here are 10 ways Terra Dotta prepares your institution for the opportunities that await.

Return of a Growth Mindset.
Are You Prepared?

Students are eager to travel again. This pent-up demand requires systems and procedures to meet the anticipated new workload. Paper-based systems no longer meet the needs or expectations of a clientele accustomed to a digital environment—like that provided by Terra Dotta.

Stellar Student Experience is Everything.

When your students stay connected, their satisfaction increases. A positive student experience means communicating in modes your students are most comfortable with. Terra Dotta solutions include a central portal that enables students to quickly and easily stay on top of requests and requirements.

Support Academic Excellence through Campus Internationalization.

Internationalization requires campus-wide participation. Set your institution up for success by providing all your stakeholders with the information they need to design recruitment, retention, and support initiatives. Develop curricula inclusive of global integration.

Terra Dotta has transformed how our office communicates with constituents across the campus and beyond.
Safety & Reputation

Your faculty, staff, and students are some of your greatest assets. They are also key to maintaining your institution’s reputation. Providing the tools to stay safe and in compliance with regulations wherever they might be is paramount. Terra Dotta provides those tools, enabling your members to remain active participants in their programs—safely—anywhere around the world.

Improve Retention & Outcomes

Securing and retaining top candidates—whether they be incoming or outgoing students—often depends on the perceived level of support provided by your international office. Ensure confidence with your constituents by equipping your staff with the Terra Dotta tools needed to effectively and efficiently support your student population.

Increase Cross-Campus Intelligence
for Strategic Decision Making.

Visibility brings clarity to a unified plan for internationalization. Seed collaboration with the relevant and necessary data that reflect your global footprint. Then, identify trends to inform international initiatives with Terra Dotta’s powerful data analytics.

Our outbound numbers increased 39% and our inbound numbers increased a shocking 69% in our first year using Terra Dotta, all of which is easily managed by our existing staff resources.
Ensure Compliance. Everywhere.

Even the most knowledgeable staff will be hampered by software that does not deliver easy, accurate, and efficient communication with federal agencies. Terra Dotta clients report significantly reduced stress levels in meeting their compliance obligations—all while enabling students to focus on their education rather than their immigration status.

Reduce Institutional Liability.

Whether it’s duty-of-care obligations, compliance requirements,
or data security, all risks must be manageable. Terra Dotta positions your institution to effectively leverage and mitigate liability inherent in a globally active community.

Be the Hero. Let Your Staff Be Their Best.

Automate routine administrative tasks with Terra Dotta solutions, so your international education experts can do what they do best; spend time growing programs while meeting student needs.

We Innovate So You Can, Too.

Anticipate and respond to a rapidly changing environment
including regulatory changes—with a complete cloud-based platform: Terra Dotta solutions are unmatched in breadth of capabilities and in level of ongoing investment. Let us show you how!

With Terra Dotta, I constantly see new innovation and improvements, designed to help us out even more with every release. It's really nice to see a company that cares about evolving with its users.
See for yourself.
Streamline your international education processes with Terra Dotta: