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Raghu Rajah

Raghu Rajah  Chief Technology Officer

Raghu Rajah is a seasoned technology leader with more than 25 years of diverse experience in steering global companies towards success. With a proven track record, he excels in innovating and transforming SaaS organizations, steering them towards delivering exceptional products, seamless experiences, and sustainable growth. In his most recent role as CTO at BirchStreet Systems, Raghu led product development, engineering, and SRE/SaaS operations. He was previously the CTO at various SaaS and fintech companies such as First Performance, NCR, PrimeRevenue, and S1. Raghu holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Pondicherry University, and an MBA in finance from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. His expertise lies in merging technological prowess with business acumen to drive innovation, efficiency, and profitability.

Global Influences

Raghu enjoys experiencing and learning from how people live around the world and how it shapes their point of view. Tanzania and Japan stand out as favorite global travel destinations. He is multilingual and understands Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.