SIO Perspectives:

The Missing Link to Global Engagement Growth with Grant Chapman

Episode Summary

In this episode, Grant Chapman, Senior International Officer at Kansas State University, discusses the importance of creating a digital database to track and measure the university’s global engagement initiatives. This database will provide valuable data on partnerships, student mobility, and faculty collaborations, empowering SIOs to advocate for international education and support the university's overall mission. Universities can leverage their global work to benefit local communities and tell impactful stories of their contributions. This digital transformation is crucial for the future of higher education.

In conclusion, the power of digital data has transformed the role of Strategic International Officers (SIOs) in higher education. The ability to harness real-time insights, advocate for global initiatives, and understand one’s place in the world has become essential for SIOs in building global relationships. By leveraging digital databases and infrastructure, SIOs can develop tools that provide a comprehensive view of their institution’s international activities, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive impactful global engagement. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the power of digital data will continue to empower SIOs in their mission to foster global relationships and create a positive impact locally and globally.

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[26:31] Full Podcast Episode
[1:54] Introduction to Grant Chapman
[3:55] Digital Databases: Critical to NextGen Strategic Planning
[1:41] The SIO's New Superpower: Digital Transformation
[1:42] Using Data to Fuel Faculty Grant and Partnership Successes
[3:56] Data-Driven Leadership: Attracting Top-Quality Students and Faculty
[3:03] Unlocking Better Student Trends and Experiences: Data-Driven Insights
[2:14] SIO Rating: The Vital Importance of IE Digital Databases
[2:28] Global Education's Profound Impact Across University Types
[1:54] Unified Data Strategy: Accuracy and Integrity PrioritiesShape
This concept of an international inventory or digital database is a game changer as a real-time tool for advocating, pursuing new grant proposals, and sharing the impact of what we do globally.
— Grant Chapman