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A Strong Digital Infrastructure for International Education

Episode Summary

In this episode, Paul Hofmann, a 4x SIO currently at the University of Louisville, talks about the importance of international education to the overall health and vitality of universities. They discuss the impact of international education on the enrollment cliff, diversity, and global engagement. Paul emphasizes the need for advocacy and building support and the strategic role of digital infrastructure—to streamline processes, make better decisions, and save the time of up to five full-time employees while increasing staff satisfaction and retention.

See What’s Inside
[28:36] Full Podcast Episode
[1:07] Introduction
[2:27] The Vital Importance of International Education
[1:43] Diversity: IE's Impact on the Entire Student Population Experience
[3:37] The Role of Advocacy & Building Support
[1:33] SIOs: The Balance of Strategic Planning & Implementation
[1:42] The Future of International Education
[1:30] The Expansion of International Education
[2:39] Why Build a Strong Digital Infrastructure for International Education?
[1:46] Digital Infrastructure: Better Decision Making & Support For Advocacy
[2:24] Digital Infrastructure: Equal to Adding 5 FTEs to the Team
[0:35] What Would Happen Without a Digital Infrastructure Foundation?
[1.13] Most Important Takeaway: IE Is Critical to Higher Education
[1:42] The Role of IE in International Diplomacy
One clear thing is the enrollment cliff is now here. And when we think about international student enrollment, that’s also a 10 out of 10 in terms of importance to offset.
— Paul Hofmann