AFS Intercultural Programs


Terra Dotta’s clients can offer their students direct access to the AFS Global Competence Certificate (GCC), which helps both outbound and inbound students gain vital cultural awareness and emotional intelligence skills needed for today’s communities and workforce.




From the Terra Dotta system, customers can provide international students and scholars quick and convenient access to affordable, online English language proficiency assessments for admissions or J-1 exchange visitors. The assessment results are available in the Terra Dotta system for viewing.




Terra Dotta clients can integrate eShipGlobal's suite of shipping services within their Terra Dotta system. Enable workflow efficiencies, minimize administrative overhead, seamlessly transmit shipping documentation and enhance the user experience all while simplifying and expediting the mailing of critical packages.


Go Culture International


Terra Dotta customers can easily integrate Go Culture’s leading cross-cultural student assessment and coaching program. Utilize this online platform to enhance the study abroad and international student experience. Gather necessary data and get your students prepared in a streamlined fashion with Go Culture.




Terra Dotta clients can can offer direct access to the PerforMax3 online Travel Safety and Health Certification Program, to train students and faculty in personal safety and avoidance of travel risks. Completion records are made available through the Terra Dotta system.


StudentSIMS (a J1SIM company)


Terra Dotta’s customers can utilize StudentSIMS (a J1SIM company) to offer incoming US-bound students and scholars direct SIM card order access as well as monitor which students have attained a US phone number.




Within the Terra Dotta solution, students can make travel reservations directly with StudentUniverse to ensure proper program-specific itineraries and logistics are booked. Institutions can automatically track all StudentUniverse-booked itineraries within their Terra Dotta system.

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