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Voice of the Students:
Study Abroad 2023


With the COVID pandemic behind us, interest in study abroad is picking up once again. From our vantage point at Terra Dotta, with over 700 higher education customers in the United States and abroad, we’re seeing the number of student applications increase dramatically and on pace to surpass 2019 levels.

Still reeling/recovering from lockdowns and remote learning, students are more eager than ever to explore the world and experience different cultures. For many, the opportunity to study abroad represents an important milestone in their developmental and educational journey, as it provides a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain new perspectives. By supporting students in their quest to study abroad, we can help them become better informed global citizens and nurture a more inclusive society.

The results of our Study Abroad Survey: The Voice of the Students offer new insights into the current state of student interest and demand for study abroad. We found that while students are eager to resume international education experiences, they also have significant concerns regarding the financial considerations, as well as lingering questions about the health and safety, and the accessibility of programs.

As institutions work to address these concerns and navigate the ever-changing landscape of international education, it is essential to stay tuned to the student perspective. In doing so, they can ensure programming aligns with student interest (and need) while future proofing study abroad programming.

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