Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education

Engage with International Students
and Scholars in a Virtual World

When the pandemic shut down campuses, it also cut off opportunities for international students and scholars to build connections. No longer could they meet over coffee with their academic advisor, attend multicultural student group events, get involved in a club sport team or set up an in-person meeting with their international student counselor to talk about important visa issues.

At the same time, as the coronavirus spread around the world, they grappled with scary headlines from their home countries and confusing policy changes that seemingly threatened their continued education in the United States.

Many were left suffering. The American College Health Association dubbed international students among the country’s “vulnerable campus populations” during the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty about their status and other stressors, coupled with isolation and separation from their support network at home, are among the reasons.

After a year living with Zoom, we know that nothing can replace face-to-face gatherings. But even when living in a virtual world, it’s still possible to engage with international students and scholars.

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