Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education

The State of Globalization in
Higher Ed 2022

While the entire higher education ecosystem has been impacted by unprecedented challenges over the past two years, global education offices and study abroad programs were hit especially hard as travel is their lifeline. And just as in other times of crisis, global education professionals quickly rallied and adapted to continue to deliver globalization opportunities to students—offering virtual programming, study away and more.

Today, travel is coming back. We hear it from the industry, our clients and from students. But we wanted to take a deeper dive into the hearts and minds of the global education professionals to determine the global education outlook from the ones who have been on the front lines of travel.

We surveyed more than 120 global education professionals to get their perspectives and to understand their experiences in managing incoming international education and outgoing study abroad and study away programs. From advisors to deans, across higher education institutions of varying sizes, the overwhelming takeaway is that global engagement is experiencing a revival, and in many ways is accelerating its evolution. Study abroad programs are bouncing back and institutions are investing in their incoming international students to enhance diversity and inclusion on campus.

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