Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education

The Impact of
U.S. Immigration Policies
on our International Students

As the gloom of the pandemic years continues to recede, prospective students are again exploring options for higher education farther from home. At the same time, a mad dash to attract them, by institutions around the world, is afoot.

Within the U.S. the call by institutional presidents, provosts, chancellors, and trustees for more students in general, and more diverse students in particular, means that senior international officers (SIOs) often will be expected to find new ways to attract more global talent. This includes greater numbers of international students. Work shortages in the private sector, and the competition for smart, innovative workers across the economy means employers are also looking to higher education to bring in the next generation of big thinkers from around the world.

While acknowledging that U.S. immigration policy itself is a prevailing headwind on the road to success, what does an SIO need to know to successfully recruit talent?

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