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Terra Dotta’s Dottan Desk Program (“Dottan Desk”) is designed to offer personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions to Terra Dotta clients, delivered by Terra Dotta experts. The program is a valuable resource for clients who want to optimize their use of the software and enhance their knowledge of its features and capabilities. Overall, the Dottan Desk is a valuable service that provides clients with the support and guidance they need to more effectively achieve their goals and maximize the benefits of using Terra Dotta software.


Each one-hour session takes place two or four times per month. Clients should note that unused hours cannot be carried over to the following month, so it is important to use the allocated hours effectively and efficiently.

The following Services will be provided:

  • The sessions may be used to accelerate adoption of new features, learn or review the capabilities of the software, training, and advice on best practices.
  • To ensure that each session is focused and productive, clients are required to provide an agenda in advance, selecting from a range of predefined topics that cover key aspects of the software’s functionality and operation.
  • Predefined topics include:
    • Administrative functional operations
    • Site aesthetic guidance
    • Reporting and analytic guidance
    • Process creation function
    • Adoption of new feature assistance
    • Business process evaluation
NOTE: Dottan Desk is not technical support. It is not intended to design or build solutions. Dottan Desk is not a troubleshooting session. Some troubleshooting may take place during a Dottan Desk session but it is not the objective of the program. Any technical support-related issues should be reported to Terra Dotta Support via our standard support channels.
  • Dottan Desk is a minimum twelve (12) month commitment. Services will commence within one (1) month of purchase.

Professional fees are due upon registration. The professional fees associated with this project are as follows:

Dottan Desk Lite
  • $4,800
  • Annual Subscription
  • (2) Monthly Sessions
  • Biweekly Meetings
Dottan Desk Pro
  • $7,200
  • Annual Subscription
  • (4) Monthly Sessions
  • Weekly Meetings