Global Engagement Solutions for Higher Education

Global Engagement Dashboards
Share a better global story with your
institutional leaders, departments, and the world.
TO ACHIEVE YOUR STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES for internationalization, you need better ways to recognize where your institution stands with what’s happening today in the ever-changing landscape of global education. Terra Dotta’s newest addition to the Global Engagement Platform, Dashboards, sits on top of all Terra Dotta solutions and seamlessly aggregates your global data so you can visually tell your story with accurate information, to the right audience, and in real-time.
Access real-time global education data
  • Dashboards integrates directly with other Terra Dotta solutions for centralized views
  • View data and visualizations from all Terra Dotta global data to review where you've been and monitor where your institution is going
  • Provide greater focus on DEI and other strategic institutional initiatives
  • Target specific types of data including locations traveled, student demographics, and more
Customize dashboard metrics, visualizations, text, and images
  • Quickly and easily create dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets
  • Add or change dashboard widgets at any time
  • Specify visualization types such as bar and line graphs, pie charts, and more
  • Filter data by specific Terra Dotta solutions
  • Insert additional text or images to any dashboard to help tell your story
Share information with key stakeholders
  • Configure purpose-specific dashboards to tell your stories to key stakeholders, such as school administration, or alumni
  • Allow institutional leaders to access the data they need when they need it
  • Report on internationalization trends to help define your global strategy and areas of improvement
  • Monitor internationalization progress as you grow programs
Create external dashboards
  • Specific dashboards can be published for public view at any time and update automatically
  • Show partners how your global education efforts are growing internationalization
  • Provide access to up-to-date global education information for key donors and alumni for more effective fundraising and scholarship initiatives
See for yourself.
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