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Our Customer Experience Team represents the pinnacle of Terra Dotta support. With a purview that spans implementation, ongoing training, and unparalleled support, our seasoned experts are the ultimate resource to help you fully leverage your Terra Dotta solution.

Education & Enablement

To get the most from your Terra Dotta solution, your office needs effective, continual access to training and educational resources. Got a team member just getting started? Or, do you have a seasoned user with a set of complex requests? Our Learning Center delivers live and on-demand training courses built specifically to solve your needs.

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Customer Support

Our team of experts can assist you with technical support for all Terra Dotta software solutions. The ability to quickly guide you toward relevant resources, and provide timely, efficient troubleshooting assistance is key to ensuring that your Terra Dotta software functions optimally. And stays that way.

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Customer Success

Our Customer Experience Team is committed to your success. During periodic account reviews, we proactively identify best practices to help you optimize your software investment. And, as a trusted guide along your global education journey, a Terra Dotta team member partners with you to ensure you attain your desired office goals. Needs and challenges, we’re with you all the way.


I wanted to take a moment to share about our experience with our Terra Dotta implementation manager. In short, she is AMAZING! I cannot express enough how incredibly professional, timely, responsive, patient, supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging she was. I attribute much of the success of our implementation to her guidance and leadership. She empowered us to feel confident in our ability to learn the software and she always expressed value in every question or comment we tossed her way.