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Agreements Management

Terra Dotta Agreements Management is web-based software designed to save time and money by automating processes for agreement proposals, approvals, and renewals. Map all global engagement activities to easily see where new agreements can be formed.

With Terra Dotta Agreements Management you can ensure no agreement is inactive and publicize all agreement activity for cross-campus engagement in your international efforts.

With various pricing options, it's easy to find a package that will fit your institution's needs.

Nominating your students for a partner’s program is as easy as changing the application’s status!

The new “Nominations” functionality automates the sending of applications when you simply link the program to the agreement, join the Network and change the application’s status. Once the status of the application is set, your partner gets notified, can approve/deny the nomination and the response is then showcased in the application. The Nominations process saves the administrator time by allowing nominations to be sent automatically to Terra Dotta and non-Terra Dotta clients. Nominations is also compatible with Erasmus Without Paper!



Accept proposals online

  • Capture all agreement details via an online proposal system
  • Keep digital copies of important documents for easy
    access 24/7
  • Receive instant notification of newly submitted proposals
  • Amend proposals even after submission to keep
    data current
  • Communicate directly with users via system emails &
    SMS texts to verify proposal details
  • Approve proposals electronically while referencing current active agreements

Manage all agreement information

  • Monitor expiration alerts to initiate agreement renewals
  • Store primary contact information for partner institutions
  • Categorize agreements by institution, country, expiration date, or criteria you choose
  • Leverage powerful workflow management tools to trigger and track the influx of agreement proposals and activity
  • Ensure no agreement is inactive with all the data required for approval at your fingertips

Engage campus wide

  • Track faculty and staff trips to partner institutions for detailed records of all activities that cultivate strong relationships
  • Create thorough, shareable reports to collaborate with faculty and staff across campus
  • Provide restricted administrative access to agreement data through a robust permissions system

Streamline your workload

  • Go paperless. Searching a database is much easier than searching through paper files
  • Integrate with your Secure Campus Login system
  • Update agreements statuses in batch rather than individually
  • Review comprehensive audit logs of the activity history
    on any agreement – proposal, approval, renewal, and faculty and staff trips
  • Visualize your agreements using the map search

With Terra Dotta, I constantly see new innovation and improvements, designed to help us out even more with every release. It's really nice to see a company that cares about evolving with its users.

Alec Jokubaitis
Case Western Reserve University

I've implemented Terra Dotta software across three institutions now, because I believe in how the product supports our operations, growth, and development. I remember life before Terra Dotta, and now I can't imagine life without it.

Dr. Carrie Wojenski
University at Albany, SUNY

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