Below are answers to the most frequently asked technical questions from institutions seeking to purchase TDS. Detailed information on any of these topics is available upon request.


  1. How much does the software cost?
  2. Terra Dotta offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options running in Terra Dotta's data center designed to meet the needs for offices of all sizes. Depending on the size and growth expectations of your office, you can choose between purchasing SaaS or SaaS Unlimited. SaaS is most popular with offices that process fewer applications each year. SaaS clients pay a small annual fee plus a per registrant fee. Software-as-a-Service Unlimited is most popular with offices that process over 500 applications each year. SaaS Unlimited provides unlimited users, unlimited applications, and unlimited administrator accounts for an annual fee. Contact us for more information.
  1. Is Terra Dotta PCI compliant?
  2. Following an exhaustive audit of our hosting services at our U.S. data center in Louisville, KY, we are pleased to announce that Terra Dotta is PCI certified.  PCI DSS v3.0 is the latest security standard published by the Payment Card Industry for service providers and others who interact with online payment processes. For more on what PCI DSS certification means for Terra Dotta and its clients, click here.
  1. Will TDS integrate with campus data systems?
  2. Many institutions using TDS integrate their site with the various information systems on campus, such as any Student Information System, Human Resources Directory, or Secure Campus Login System, from major names like Banner, PeopleSoft, and Datatel to homegrown systems. Many interface options are available, including LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, webservices and any other systems. Integrating with campus systems allows applicants to login to TDS using their campus login credentials and pull the desired student information into the software to ensure that it’s accurate and complete.
  1. Can TDS import legacy data?
  2. When implementing a new data system, it is important for offices to keep historical records intact. Terra Dotta clients can import this type of data into TDS through a user-friendly data import tool.
  1. Will information remain secure?
  2. TDS delivers information through both public and private interfaces. Database security and FERPA/HIPAA are crucial considerations in our development process and user-permissions system. TDS security is thoroughly tested internally by Terra Dotta engineers and externally by WhiteHat Security.
  1. How is hosting handled?
  2. Terra Dotta hosting services allow clients to avoid the time and cost of procuring and supporting the servers and database needed to run TDS. Terra Dotta servers are housed in a top-tier, SAS 70 Type II certified data center in Louisville, Kentucky. Terra Dotta is responsible for performing all server updates and maintenance on our hosted systems. This includes the server operating system and web server software, database software, backups, TDS, and all hot-fixes, patches, and version upgrades.
  1. Can TDS be installed on my servers?
  2. Most clients now opt to install their TDS system using Terra Dotta Hosting Services.  We strongly encourage this approach, given the cost savings and support benefits that our hosting provides. Read more about these benefits--including optimal software configuration, rapid implementation during the integration process, and early software patches--in our whitepaper: Terra Dotta Hosting Services.  For those who cannot host with Terra Dotta, we do provide a self-install option.  For more details, please visit our System Requirements page.
  1. Can graphic design be customized?
  2. The visual design elements of TDS can be customized so that your site has a distinct look and feel.

    Here are some examples of client sites that have unique designs:
    Loyola University New Orleans, Southern Methodist University, Texas Tech University.

  1. How easy is implementation?
  2. Once TDS is purchased, an institution can begin implementation of their website content. The implementation stage can be completed in just a few weeks or may take several months, depending on program size, process complexity, and where you want to start in your application or program cycle. New clients are given a step-by-step guide that will walk them through the process of implementing the software. Terra Dotta also offers tips for project management and content-development services to help clients launch their new software as quickly as possible. An implementation timeline is available upon request.






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