The Company

Over 575 educational institutions and businesses trust Terra Dotta software to manage their application process and streamline their operations. Terra Dotta is committed to effective process automation and the secure management of data. Flexibility and robust features have made our software essential to all types of organizations. Terra Dotta's international education roots and innovative software capabilities serve the complex needs of many educational and business offices.

Terra Dotta software simplifies your everyday processes from the way you access information to the way you gather data and create reports. Risk management capabilities are an integral aspect of the software, providing the ability to locate and communicate with your applicants and travelers worldwide. Simply put, Terra Dotta software allows you to realize the full potential of your data and use the software your way at your institution.

Terra Dotta clients have a strong influence over the evolution of our software. We encourage and embrace client suggestions for new features they need to facilitate their enrollment processes. These suggestions are the basis of new features added in each new version and over the years have helped make our software strong and flexible.


Our Mission

Our mission at Terra Dotta is to offer the very best products and services in higher education software. We are committed to delivering a user experience that transforms the way our clients operate and engage with their constituents. We accomplish this through the continual deployment of best-in-class technology, and the focus we place on mutual trust in each and every one of our business relationships. These values form the Terra Dotta difference.



Terra Dotta is staffed by a diverse and talented team of employees with various backgrounds, different experiences, and unique points of view. Our employees foster ongoing, innovative ideas to create flexibility within our software and exceed customer expectations. Diversity is a source of our strength and allows us to better meet and understand the needs of customers.

The Terra Dotta team includes former teachers who have taught at middle school, high school, and university levels within the US and abroad. Employees include former study abroad office staff from UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of Richmond, and the University of Virginia. 90% of our staff has worked abroad, studied abroad, volunteered in the Peace Corps, or led students on programs abroad. These educational experiences have inspired our employees to promote globalization in our communities.


Advisory Board

The Terra Dotta Advisory Board is made up of leaders from various facets of the higher education community. The Board helps direct the company by providing input and sharing ideas about how Terra Dotta can best serve our clients and the community at large.

  • Dr. Ravi Ammigan
    Associate Deputy Provost, International Programs
    University of Delaware
  • Daniela Ascarelli
    Director of Study Abroad
    Drexel University
  • Cynthia Banks
    Foundation for Global Scholars
  • Sylvie Burnet-Jones
    Associate Director, Study Abroad and
    Director of Global Seminars International Education
    University of Colorado Boulder
  • Candace Chenoweth
    Director of Off-Campus Study
    The College of Wooster
  • Dr. Aaron D. Clevenger
    Dean of International Programs
    Emby-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Dr. Amy Conger
    Assistant Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education
    University of Michigan
  • Dr. Kenn Gaither
    Associate Dean of the School of Communications
    and Associate Professor - Communications
    Elon University
  • Melanie Lucht
    Assistant Vice President,
    Enterprise Risk Management
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Bruce Sillner
    Dean for International Programs
    SUNY - New Paltz
  • John Tansey
    Executive Director, Off-Campus Programs
    Dartmouth College
  • Paul Watson
    Executive Director
    AIFS Study Abroad
  • Dr. Pia Wood
    Vice Provost and Dean of International Affairs
    University of North Texas




Community Outreach


generation study abroad

Terra Dotta is proud to support IIE in their Generation Study Abroad efforts to double the number of US college students studying abroad by the end of the decade. Learn more >

Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad Logo
Generation Study Abroad Logo

Terra Dotta gives back to the community by sponsoring
organizations such as:

  • Diversity Abroad / Diversity Network
  • FEA Scholarship


Terra Dotta is a proud member and/or sponsor of: