We would like to extend a thank you to all 300+ attendees at this year’s Terra Dotta User Conference in Denver, Colorado. Terra Dotta users gathered together April 14–16 to learn about TD software from both experts and fellow users. The conference had over 300 attendees and was the largest in Terra Dotta history.

There were a number of excellent sessions this year, but we particularly wish to note the opening plenary, which marked the announcement of SEVIS-compatibility in TDS15 next year. It also featured a demonstration of some of the new offerings in TDS14 by Senior Product Support Specialist Steve Sweitzer, including the availability of four new program types in this year’s release.

While we continually work with clients and seek feedback on what we can to improve the user-experience in Terra Dotta software, nothing replaces meeting face-to-face with clients over a three day stretch each year to learn about the innovative ways Terra Dotta software is being used.

We look forward to seeing all of you again next year in Milwaukee.

It’s important to provide data to reinforce your office’s efforts to support your institution, its faculty, and its students. Colleges and universities use data to document the impact of programs across campus.  Each institution and each study abroad office may use different measures and highlight different outcomes as a part of their data measurement process.

IThe March 2014 Terra Dotta Newsletter discussed research focused on community college study abroad.  This month’s article focuses on why and how four year colleges and universities in the field are collecting data. These statements are organized in alphabetical order by the name of the institution.  You can find additional background on study abroad retention and success here.

One of the most exciting parts of this list of quotes is how it signals the professional advancement of the study abroad field.  When I started in the field in 1989, the amount of research being done, by both practitioners and faculty/researchers about study abroad was limited.  It is exciting to see the many study abroad practitioners who are integrating research into their work and informing practice as well as others in academic departments who are doing research focused on study abroad.

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Cecilia Scheibner joined Terra Dotta in August 2013 as a Business Development Rep. She is based out of the company’s Hickory, North Carolina office. She builds relationships with both current and potential clients through a variety of mediums including discussions over the phone, meetings at conferences, and on-site visits on a regular basis.

Before joining Terra Dotta, Cecilia received a degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She held a position at First Charter Bank, worked in healthcare staffing, and was employed as an ad sales agent for a major sports publication firm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When she isn’t developing relationships with Terra Dotta users across the southeast U.S., she enjoys spending time with her daughter and working on her golf swing. She hopes to one day travel through Italy on her way east to swim in the Dead Sea..

Cecilia noted that her favorite part of working for Terra Dotta is the “diverse, global, and interconnected community present in higher education culture” and that “Terra Dotta software is helping to expand that culture.”

Presenter: Rachael Welty, Terra Dotta
In this webinar we will talk about the factors to consider in deciding whether to host on campus or with Terra Dotta. Even if you've made the decision or are already installed on campus, you should consider attending this webinar.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Presenter: Steve Sweitzer, Terra Dotta
The most immediate threats to your security may not be from hackers or system vulnerabilities but from human error or carelessness. In this webinar we will talk about the routines that all offices managing sensitive information should undertake on a regular basis to ensure the security of their data.

4:00 pm - 12:00 pm EDT

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Financial goals and a stronger focus on diversity mean increased competition to recruit international students for enrollment.
To ensure success, colleges and universities need a data-driven strategy that uses the most current research and data available when planning, advocating, and evaluating their international student recruitment plan.
This Online Conference will provide the insights, recommendations, and resources to increase your enrollment of international students.