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Simplify safety and security
for the traveler.

We deliver the most up-to-date, in-depth, and trusted traveler information available. With our AlertTraveler® app, you can get real-time destination reports and alerts pushed to you and your travelers in order to make informed decisions.

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No new logins, no creating new users manually, no import/export of users, no wondering where people are supposed to be. AlertTraveler® knows all users' itineraries.










Country Intelligence

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  • Provides your travelers with up-to-date country and city intelligence to prepare them for travel
  • Quick-dial emergency services numbers for the traveler’s actual location
  • Country intelligence and emergency contact info is cached on travelers’ cell phones for offline access


Real-time Alerts

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  • Proactively alerts travelers when an emergency may affect them
  • Direct access to Terra Dotta software traveler itinerary information and GPS data to determine which travelers are affected
  • Redundant communication avenues: push notifications, email, and SMS text messaging
  • Administrators can send institution-specific alerts

Check-in Button

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  • Allows administrators to send check-in requests and for travelers to respond
  • Becomes your command center for locating, communicating with, and accounting for your travelers



  1. Can this be used as a standalone app?
  2. No. This is essentially a plug-in for a current Terra Dotta license. It is intended for use in study abroad, travel registries, international student and scholar offices, and service learning.
  1. Do I need new software?
  2. No. There is no new site to go to and no learning curve. Get up and live with AlertTraveler immediately.
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  1. Is SMS text messaging available with AlertTraveler?
  2. AlertTraveler provides SMS text messaging capabilities in addition to push notifications and email communication. Text messaging is optional and usage-based fees apply.

During a trip in Oman with 18 students, on the morning of June 13th before any news agency broke the news I received an AlertTraveler® email regarding an attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. That early warning alert allowed me to warn students at the start of their weekend to be cautious, lay low and monitor news outlets. Delivering that message in person, due to the promptness of AlertTraveler®, conveyed to students the priority Marquette places on their safety. AlertTraveler® is a great resource in Marquette's toolbox for safety and health of our students and faculty.

Terence W. Miller, JD
Director, International Education, Marquette University

We decided to use AlertTraveler because it seemed like a great way to monitor worldwide events and to know quickly when and where our students were affected. It also gave us a very efficient way to check in with our students when we received alerts.

Cindy Irby
Study Abroad Advisor and Assistant Director, Center for International Education, Washington and Lee University

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