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We’ve teamed up with iJET to deliver the most up-to-date, in-depth, and trusted traveler information available. With our new AlertTraveler app, you can get real-time destination reports and alerts pushed to you and your travelers in order to make informed decisions.

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No new logins, no creating new users manually, no import/export of users, no wondering where people are supposed to be. AlertTraveler knows all users' itineraries.










Country Intelligence

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  • Provides your travelers with up-to-date country and city intelligence to prepare them for travel
  • Location intelligence and alerts provided by iJET International's team of experts
  • Quick-dial emergency services numbers for the traveler's actual location
  • Country intelligence and emergency contact info is cached on travelers' cell phones for offline access


Real-time Alerts

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  • Proactively alerts travelers when an emergency may affect them
  • Direct access to TDS traveler itinerary information and GPS data to determine which travelers are affected
  • Redundant communication avenues: push notifications, email, and SMS text messaging
  • Administrators can send institution-specific alerts

Check-in Button

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  • Allows administrators to send check-in requests and for travelers to respond
  • Becomes your command center for locating, communicating with, and accounting for your travelers



  1. Can this be used as a standalone app?
  2. No. This is essentially a plug-in for a current Terra Dotta license. It is intended for use in study abroad, travel registries, international student and scholar offices, and service learning.
  1. Do I need new software?
  2. No. There is no new site to go to and no learning curve. Get up and live with AlertTraveler immediately.
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  1. Is SMS text messaging available with AlertTraveler?
  2. AlertTraveler provides SMS text messaging capabilities in addition to push notifications and email communication. Text messaging is optional and usage-based fees apply.





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