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A HEARTFELT BIG THANK YOU to all 273 of this year's TDU attendees for helping to make this our biggest and best conference yet, and for those of you who were unable to attend, we wanted to catch you up on some of the happenings at this year's user conference in Las Vegas.

Between a plethora of excellent client-led sessions, the unveiling of our new Terra Dotta identity, and a certain CTO nailing a karaoke rendition of "Gangnam Style," there were plenty of high points at this year's TDU; but we were particularly proud to announce the upcoming release of TDS mobile, which provides administrators with access to key features of TerraDotta Software — anywhere, anytime!

While we work with our growing list of current and new clients year-round to ensure that TDS does everything they need it to and more, nothing replaces being able to meet our clients in person and put faces to the names we are so accustomed to seeing in email chains and through our support portal. We cherish this brief time window where we listen to our clients' questions about TDS and quickly direct users to effective and efficient solutions.

By Gary Rhodes; Ph.D., Director, Center for Global Education

I'VE BEEN ATTENDING CONFERENCES that focus on international education issues since 1986. While at the TerraDotta University (TDU) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada a couple of weeks ago, I thought again about why it is that we attend conferences in person in this digital age.

I think this question becomes even stronger when thinking about the focus of the content at TDU. TerraDotta software primarily exists on the computer platform. It may be set-up through your own campus servers or with Terra Dotta hosting services. However, it supports efforts to process information effectively for students who study abroad and international students who come to the U.S. while providing special resources for issues like risk management and safety for faculty, staff, and students who travel around the world for study, research, and other activities. read article


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Top Photo: TerraDotta staff members in attendance at TDU 2013
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