Just over a decade ago, Terra Dotta Software was still a seed of an idea in the minds of two University of North Carolina graduate students Brandon Lee and Garrett Christian. We are now a thriving organization with more than two dozen employees, clients in 45 states, and a strong international presence.

We closed out the first month of 2014 with a bang inking the contract on our first-ever Canadian client, The Royal Military College of Canada. We also signed with the University of Manchester in the UK, Audencia Nantes School of Management in France, as well as a host of universities in Australia including Australian National University, Deakin University, the University of Adelaide, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Western Australia.

According to CEO Brandon Lee, A lot of our growth is due to universities realizing the duty of care they owe to their faculty, students, and staff when they travel, and understanding that this is an area where we can help them. We ve also heard loud and clear that there is a strong need in the international education community for travel and risk management and for International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) solutions.

Terra Dotta started as a study abroad company, said Brandon. We are all zealots for study abroad. But study abroad is a very small piece of the pie when it comes to international education particularly in the United States. It has become clear that there is a real need for solutions in the travel, risk management, and ISSS departments as well. Our goal is not to just track students and travel. Our goal is to help universities get a complete view of their internationalization profile. We have a couple of absolutely amazing projects we are working on right now that will enable us to offer our clients so much more than they ve ever had.

Many in the study abroad field continue to highlight the need to increase diversity in study abroad. It is logical that the first place to look to diversify study abroad numbers are institutions that are listed by the U.S. Department of Education as Minority Serving Institutions. Looking at the U.S. Department of Education's list of Minority Serving Institutions, it includes a significant number of community colleges across the U.S.. According to the Foundation for California Community Colleges, over 60 percent of Community College students are people of diverse ethnic backgrounds (source). This is a much higher percentage than will be found in most four year colleges and universities.

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Mark joined Terra Dotta in July of 2012 and currently serves as a Project Specialist. He spends much of his time helping new clients configure TDS to meet their unique needs. Mark is also excited to be a part of Terra Dotta s new Professional Services division, which gives him the opportunity to help established clients get the most out of their software. More on Terra Dotta s new Professional Services division will be featured in next month s edition of Portal.

Prior to joining Terra Dotta, Mark received a BA from Pennsylvania State University and co-founded Educational Directories Unlimited which created and operated StudyAbroad.com where he served as Chief Technology Officer. He noted that it was exciting and dizzying to be a part of an Internet start-up company.

When not working with clients, Mark enjoys spending time refurbishing an 1845 Quaker Meetinghouse he and his wife purchased in 2012. He noted that the house sits on historic land that saw some of the heaviest fighting at the Battle of Brandywine during the Revolutionary War. Mark's interest in photography has been rekindled by the beautiful vista of Brandywine Valley.

Mark said that his favorite part of working for Terra Dotta is "the people, implying both fellow employees and clients: TD attracts extremely smart and interesting employees. This is absolutely the most dynamic organization I ve had an opportunity to work with. And the One-Week workshops let me spend enough time working closely in small groups that I get to know the individual clients and grow real relationships with them.

Presenter: Garrett Christian, Terra Dotta
The most immediate threats to your security may not be from hackers or system vulnerabilities but from human error or carelessness. In this webinar we will talk about the routines that all offices managing sensitive information should undertake on a regular basis to ensure the security of their data.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Presenter: Tim Wojoski, Terra Dotta
In this webinar we will talk about the factors to consider in deciding whether to host on campus or with Terra Dotta. Even if you've made the decision or are already installed on campus, you should consider attending this webinar.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

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Terra Dotta sponsored the AIEA conference bags for the 2014 gathering in D.C. Attendees were able to recycle bags to help support a local school.
This year 35 bags were donated to T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, VA. (where the movie "Remember the Titans" was filmed) on behalf of Terra Dotta. Canek Aguirre, Counselor, was very excited to receive the canvas bags and knows the students will truly appreciate receiving them.

Terra Dotta is sponsoring a pre-conference workshop at this year s NAFSA national conference in San Diego.

Developing Your International Risk Management Action Plan is designed for pairs of risk management and education abroad professionals to attend together. Institutional teams will spend a day and a half with experts from URMIA and NAFSA who will lead the workshop.

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