We are excited to sponsor this year’s NAFSA Online Conference entitled “Data Driven Strategies for Success.”

Colleges and universities must develop successful international student recruitment strategies to meet their growth, retention, and diversification goals. By developing data-driven strategies that utilize the most current research and data available when planning, advocating, and evaluating an international student recruitment plan, higher education institutions can not only meet, but exceed these challenges.

From identifying emerging markets and mobility trends to developing a recruitment strategy and securing the necessary resources for implementation, Data-Driven Strategies for Success will provide the insights, recommendations, and resources to increase your enrollment of international students.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn, engage, and network! Set a course for success and be a part of this innovative interactive conference. No travel is necessary to participate.

As a partner, we are offering a special discount price, 20% below all published rates, availabile here.

Gary Rhodes, Ph.D.,
Director Center for Global Education at UCLA

The World Cup in Brazil has captured the interest of more people in the U.S. than ever before (looking at TV and online viewing). As with the 2012 London Olympic Games, high profile sports like this also gain positive attention outside the U.S. Although we would like the U.S. and world press to recognize the important work we do in international higher education and the changes we support for U.S. students who study abroad and international students who study in the U.S., media attention only seems to arise when a U.S. student is in crisis abroad (U.S. study abroad student Amanda Knox convicted of murdering her British roommate in Italy) or an international student is in crisis in the U.S. (international student death during the 2013 Boston Marathon, international student shot near university in Los Angeles, etc.).

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Chelsey Smithey joined Terra Dotta in May of 2013 and currently serves as a Client Support Specialist.

Chelsey works daily as one of the Support system’s first responders, working directly with clients who have questions about Terra Dotta software. She also conducts One Week Workshops with implementing clients and assists in the management of Terra Dotta’s demonstration sites.

Prior to working for Terra Dotta, Chelsey received a B.A. in Information Technology from Lenoir-Rhyne University.

Outside of work, Chelsey enjoys attending exercise classes and being crafty around the house. She hopes to one day photobomb a llama at Machu Picchu.

Chelsey says that her favorite part of working for Terra Dotta is “being able to help clients implement TDS and seeing how excited they get when they learn about all the neat features the software offers.”

Presenter: Sally Mollyneux, Terra Dotta
This webinar will first outline the conceptual framework of the software for new users, and then cover the basic tasks they will need to master within that framework. Additional topics and resources for future learning will be suggested.

11:00 am EDT

Presenter: Elizabeth Lostetter, Terra Dotta
If you've been using Terra Dotta software for a year or more, there is a treasure trove of data in your system which would interest many others at your institution. Come to this webinar to get an overview of the data reporting possibilities in the software, and a discussion of how an Annual Report can benefit the perception of your office within the institution. We'll then offer an easy-to-use guide to building a simple and effective Annual Report - so get ready to impress!

4:00 pm EDT

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AUG 26 — ESL
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Everyone can do a little HTML!

Just because there isn't a WYSIWYG editor doesn't mean you can't format text!

HTML works in: instruction fields, material names, and text interface fields.

Some Common Tags:

  • <b>Bold</b>
  • <i>Italics</i>
  • <u>Underline</u>
  • <font color="Color">Colored Text</font>
  • <a href="URL">Creates a link.</a>

  • Learn more online by searching for "basic HTML tags".

    • Agnes Scott College
    • Albion College
    • Boston College
    • California State University
      - Chico
    • Mercer University
    • Mississippi State University
      - Office of Travel Service
    • Pennsylvania State University
      - Global Operations
    • Portland State University
    • Regis University
    • University of Toledo
    • Villanova University
    • XPAN International
    • University of Michigan
      - Flint

    Terra Dotta is looking for a qualified candidate to respond to software questions from clients and lead software implementation projects.
    The Client Support Specialist will answer questions, resolve software problems, and manage projects via a web-based client support portal, email, or telephone.
    This is a full-time position based in Hickory, NC or Chapel Hill, NC.
    Email jobs@terradotta.com for more information.