As more and more students go abroad every year, safety challenges and concerns continue to grow. U.S. colleges and universities are establishing risk management offices on their campuses to reduce liability and increase awareness of the evolving challenges to student and faculty safety abroad. As risk offices gauge the challenges their universities face both now and in the future, it is important that they coordinate with their campus study abroad offices to make all student travel as safe as possible. This pre-URMIA workshop seeks to bring together university risk managers and education abroad professionals to create an international risk management action plan for their campus while discussing specific operational, financial, and strategic aspects of risk management. There will also be a future trends discussion led by study abroad and risk management experts. The workshop is in Phoenix, AZ at the Arizona Grand Resort 10/12-10/13. You can learn more about the event and register here.

Since the late 1980s, study abroad programs have made significant strides towards connecting with various offices across campus to establish a collaborative approach in the development and implementation of study abroad programs. In a previous article, I highlighted the challenges study abroad administrators face while maintaining compliance with the many requirements of U.S. universities as they send students all over the world. When a study abroad administrator deals with issues like evaluating, limiting, and managing known risks; responding to crises around the world; and maintaining appropriate levels of insurance—from major medical and emergency assistance to liability and kidnapping and terrorism—it is critical that study abroad staff work closely with university risk managers. The SAFETI Clearinghouse of the Center for Global Education at UCLA has a checklist of critical issues for study abroad staff and faculty to consider when developing and implementing programs. One could argue that all health and safety issues could use assistance from risk managers for effective support. However, issues that are part of the risk management job description include:

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