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In April, we released an infographic detailing Nine Ways to Streamline Your International Education Office. This month, we’re expanding a few of those ideas in an effort to help IE offices be prepared for anything at anytime.

–Build a comprehensive database: make sure your database houses all the information you need at any given time. From every document that’s a part of the application process to student phone numbers in the event of an emergency, developing a database with immediate access to information is an essential part of running a smooth office.

–Make your website work for you: align your website with your back-end office systems so that students, faculty, and staff can easily locate information about your programs and quickly submit info that is automatically stored in your office system for reference.

–Eliminate duplicate entry: few things waste more time in an office than redundant work. Integrate your international education and risk management systems with your university's student data records to keep information consistent university-wide. Enable students, faculty, and staff to login with the same username and password they have for email. Increase the accuracy of data submitted to your office while eliminating time wasted keying in material already stored in your students’ and faculty members’ data records.

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Gary Rhodes, Ph.D.,
Director Center for Global Education at UCLA

Andrew Gordon
Founder and President, Diversity Abroad

Summer provides some opportunities to review your strategic plan and mission for study abroad offices. It is a good time to think about how diversity and inclusive good practices are incorporated into your strategic plan. An analysis of your policies with respect to diversity and inclusion will help you find ways to support and engage students, faculty, and staff to support the various types of diverse groups and programs that a study abroad office can support.

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Mike Craig began working for Terra Dotta in May 2012. He currently serves as Senior Developer creating new and exciting web-based avenues to help Terra Dotta provide faster support and an improved user-experience for clients.

Prior to joining Terra Dotta, Mike spent several years working in the banking, healthcare, and automotive industries as a developer and designer of client/server and web solutions.

When Mike isn’t working to improve Terra Dotta software, he loves watching movies of any kind, but particularly enjoys picking out more obscure selections to watch with his wife. He also enjoys cooking. He and his wife hope to visit Australia around the time of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Mike said that his favorite part of working for Terra Dotta is “the amazing team of developers and designers that really can make TD software do things that one might not expect possible, or at least easily possible.”

Presenter: Jon Dillow, Terra Dotta

Nearly all Terra Dotta systems rely on various points of integration with institutionally based data systems. This integration between the TD system and institutional data systems can seem to be mysterious to the uninitiated. But, in fact it is based on some very straightforward concepts: secure data communication, required data elements, campus login setup, and the structure of the data that is communicated. Having a general understanding of the integration between your TD system and your campus data systems will allow you to better communicate with your IT staff when necessary. Attending this webinar will give you the understanding necessary to better communicate problems if support is needed to more quickly resolve them.

4:00 PM EDT

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Join us for this special event designed for pairs of risk management and education abroad professionals to attend together. You will spend one-and-a-half days with experts from both fields who will guide you through creating an international risk management action plan for your institution, discuss specific operational, financial, and strategic aspects of risk management, and confer on future trends from study abroad and risk management experts.
Space is limited, so register now.

New content is available in the Terra Dotta Community Library!

A variety of new learning content is available for download to your site, including:

-Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad
-Financial Costs of Study Abroad - Program Costs
-HIspanic/Latin Students and Study Abroad
-Resources to Support Diversity on Study Abroad
-10 Razones Para Hacer Estudias Extranjeros
-Asian/Pacific Islander American Students and Study Abroad
-Background of African American Students and Study Abroad

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