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If someone says to you that they “have Terra Dotta,” you likely believe they use Terra Dotta’s software for study abroad. After all, that is where we had our start over 16 years ago. You might even still think of our system as Studio Abroad, but you would be dating yourself - the Studio Abroad moniker was phased out several years ago. Certainly, Terra Dotta is known for its study abroad software; however, Terra Dotta has grown to become more than “just” study abroad software! You have read in earlier editions of this newsletter about the variety of systems now available, including solutions for international student and scholar services, and travel risk management.

You should know, however, that that range of solutions from Terra Dotta is becoming even more impactful. One of the hallmarks of TD software has been its ability to integrate with a variety of campus information systems. A seemingly routine procedure, this significant integration saves immense staff time from having to rekey data from one system to another and enables even greater data management and reporting capabilities. In addition, some institutions utilize Terra Dotta’s credit card integration to permit offices to accept online payments with a payment gateway provider, while others employ software functionality to enroll their travelers for insurance directly from their databases. But there’s more!

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In September 2016, Garrett Lucas joined Terra Dotta as a Business Analyst. His responsibilities entail discovery and handling of Professional Services requests; demoing services to existing clients; drafting and managing contracts for Professional Services; managing Administrative Service renewals; and cross-selling services to existing clients. Previously, Garrett was a Subject Matter Expert for AlertTraveler, demoed and sold AlertTraveler, and managed non-technical hosting migration projects.

Before joining Terra Dotta, Garrett worked as a Technical Consultant for an IT Managed Service provider and also as an Investment Analyst for a private real estate investment firm. Garrett received two Bachelor's of Science in Finance and Real Estate from Florida State University. He also earned his Master of Business Administration from Florida State University.

Outside of work, Garrett enjoys working on his motorcycle, mining cryptocurrency, gaming, hiking, exploring international food, and snuggling with his cats. One place Garrett would like to travel is Southeast Asia to live for a couple months!

Garrett says his favorite part of working at Terra Dotta is “The team camaraderie and exciting atmosphere.”

Not able to attend TDU Global next week or have a newer employee who will work within your Terra Dotta system? Come to a Boot Camp!

Terra Dotta Boot Camps are 2-day, hands-on, immersive workshops designed to rapidly build your skills as a Terra Dotta administrator. Experienced instructors will guide you through exercises that teach core features for building your own practice site and completing daily tasks and processes. You will leave with a 30-day practice sandbox as well as a certificate of completion and skills to empower you as a TDS administrator!



Presenters: Monica Sharp & Travis Ulrich

This webinar will review the Spring production release of the SEVIS Module.

11:00 AM Eastern

Presenters: Aaron Rhoney & Sakiba Dzelil

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the exciting changes made to Terra Dotta Software with the TDS 18.1 release. We will cover everything you need to know to make the most of the new and updated functionality. This includes custom email templates, process element tags, cross-folder keyword searches, and the Reviewer Home redesign.

4:00 PM Eastern

Presenters: Aaron Rhoney & Sakiba Dzelil

New in TDS 18.0, the Program Wizard is designed to guide a new administrator through the process of creating an application-ready program with all of the essential elements. It also brings a re-designed brochure builder and a quick method for building basic programs, adding value for veteran administrators. In this webinar, we'll cover the five steps of the Program Wizard functionality and explore its advantages over the existing legacy program builder.

4:00 PM Eastern

Presenters: Kelsey Dixon & Sakiba Dzelil

Whether you are new to your office or a TDS 'veteran,' there are going to be times when you need help—whether it's because something seems amiss or because you don't know how a feature works. The Terra Dotta Support Portal can help with both! This webinar will tell you everything you need to know, including how to navigate Chatter to speak to other institutions with the software, how to navigate our Knowledgebase to the fullest extent, and—possibly most importantly—how to open a case in the most efficient way possible!

4:00 PM Eastern


Between printed and online materials, it can be daunting to keep up with the professional literature. Let us help you. Each month we will list several online articles that we hope you will find interesting.

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