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Building out a Terra Dotta site takes time. Fortunately once it’s live, it is not like the old telephone directories – out of date once they’re published. Updates and changes can be made to your site to reflect the changing needs and ideas of your institution. And Terra Dotta is here to help you.

A TD Administrator’s login puts a raft of resources at the end of your mouse click. The Terra Dotta Community Library and the Terra Dotta Study Abroad Directory are repositories for information that can extend the possibilities of your site, inform your travelers and save staff time.

The Terra Dotta Community Library (TDCL) is a shared resource of process elements supported by the collective wisdom of TD users and other leaders in international education. More than 100 questionnaires are available for use on topics such as buddy matching, travel registration, health & safety, language proficiency, evaluations and uploading of passport copies.

Within the Assessments folder are nine quizzes that can be deployed pre- or post-decision. Test your participants’ knowledge of regulations for F-1 student visa holders. Or use selected assessments to assist students with their understandings of cultural adjustment and communication.

The Learning Content TDCL contains almost 150 pages that you can install on your site. In this section, you can find articles, videos and checklists on topics ranging from cultural adaptation to finances to health & safety and more. Terra Dotta thanks our partners who have contributed material, including ASIRT, CIEE, HTH, Diversity Abroad, Sprintax and the Center for Global Education.

With the Terra Dotta Study Abroad Directory, you can easily keep your program offerings current. Pick the program providers to which you want to subscribe and determine what information will be downloaded into your program catalog. As program information is updated you will receive notifications to update your catalog, giving your students the most up-to-date information available. And if you want to open your own study abroad programs to students from other institutions, participating in the Study Abroad Directory is free.

Both the TDCL and Study Abroad Directory provide you with tools and resources to grow your use of Terra Dotta software, and ultimately provide greater programming for your students. But don’t be shy! Share in the TDCL those process elements that you have created. It could be just the one for which your colleagues have been looking.

Kerry Geffert
Product Evangelist, Terra Dotta

Last month over 100 NAFSAns descended on Capitol Hill in the annual NAFSA Advocacy Day event to promote international educational exchange. If you have not had the opportunity to participate on one of the Advocacy Days, I recommend trying to incorporate it into your 2017 budget and schedule. The two-day event is a fascinating exposure to a world of politics, lobbying, handshakes, pictures, and above all, talking about issues important to us as international educators. It can be exhilarating and empowering, but to be honest, it can also be intimidating. However, advocacy – in some form or another – needs to be a responsibility for each one of us. Washington may be perceived as the center for advocacy efforts, but each of us can be an advocate at our own institution and in our local community. Let’s consider the possibilities.

Here is a quick summary of what happens during an Advocacy Day, keeping in mind this does not capture the enormous amount of work that goes into putting this event together. The first day is spent being briefed and trained on both the process and the issues being promoted. The next day you are let loose on Capitol Hill with previously arranged appointments. These appointments are with members of your respective Congressional delegation, both representatives and senators whenever possible. Often the meetings are with a staff member of the official, but occasionally you will meet with your “real live” representative.

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Travis Ulrich is a Business Development Representative who started with Terra Dotta in August of 2015. He works directly with prospective clients to identify how Terra Dotta can help their internationalization efforts.

Travis previously worked worked to enhance and support international student and scholar services and campus internationalization efforts at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

He completed a Bachelors in International Relations from University of Wisconsin - Madison and is completing a Masters in Education from University of Illinois at Chicago..

Outside of work, Travis likes biking, seeing live music, and traveling. He is a craft beer enthusiast and says his favorite food is the local Thai restaurant down the block from his home. Travis says his favorite part of working at Terra Dotta is, “I immensely enjoy working with fellow international educators and their institutions to help them grow their programs and realize their goals..”

Presenter: Laura Coker

This webinar takes an in-depth look at how application statuses, phases, and dates work together to create the underlying flow of application, enrollment, and/or registration processes in Terra Dotta software since the implementation of itineraries. Learn how to spot check various configurations on your site to ensure applicants are seeing the correct requirements for their phase and become an expert on the application workflow so that you can implement complex processes when needed. We begin with a walk-through of the application life cycle from the applicant perspective and then demonstrate the administrative side of where dates and statuses are configured.


4:00 PM EST

Presenter: Mollie Zimmer

Learn how to improve your public TDS site, program brochures, and persona on the web. We will include examples of public pages, how to embed video, data feeds, and more


4:00 PM EST


When you have a question about TDS, what do you do? Where do you turn? During this session we will provide you with information on the various support channels available. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to navigate the Terra Dotta Support Portal, including the case system, knowledge base, video library, and more!

MAY 18

4:00 PM EST


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Louisville, KY April 25–27

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