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Application Management

TDS for Application Management is comprehensive online application and enrollment-management software. Easy to sort, query, and use for reports, the Application Management database is ideal for institutions, nonprofit organizations, or other offices where users need to login and provide information in an application or registration form.

With various pricing options, it’s easy to find a package that will fit your organization’s needs.



Accept applications and
registrations online

  • Utilize a checkbox system so applicants clearly see
    what is required of them
  • Accept online recommendations
  • Send automatic email reminders to applicants who have
    not completed their application requirements
  • Maintain email and application activity logs
  • Create complex, shareable reports and queries
  • Customize applications with program and applicant
    specific requirements
  • Receive instant confirmation when applicants receive and
    read important information
  • Use assessments to test comprehension
  • Build a searchable catalog for applications for different
    programs, internships, etc.

Easily maintain, update, and
edit your entire website

Easily maintain, update, and edit your enitre website
  • Create and maintain all website content through a
    WYSIWYG web editor; no HTML knowledge required
  • Deploy photo journals, photo contests, online videos,
    and more
  • Allow applicants to schedule appointments online
  • Post announcements that automatically disappear
    once expired

Save time and streamline
your workload

  • Go paperless. Searching a database is much easier than searching through paper files
  • Update applications in batches instead of individually
  • Utilize accurate date, time, and user stamps for website and application records
  • Integrate with external systems to automatically pull information such as GPA


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